Your family cares. Let them.
Choose a caregiver you like (and who loves you!) to enjoy personalized assistance in your own home.
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Have a daughter who looks after You?

A relative who checks in daily?

A neighbor you trust?

Medicaid pays them to keep caring for you

Take control of your care

in 3 powerful ways:​


From a beloved family member
to a loyal neighbor to a professional aide
you know and trust, choose any personal
assistant you want.


Train in your chosen aide
(or get help from a legal guardian
to do so) and control exactly when
and how you receive your personal care.


CDPAP puts you in complete control,
so you can even dismiss your personal
assistant and select a new one for any
reason, at any time.

Thinking of moving to a facility?

Horizon helps you stay home instead

We believe care begins in the family. Thanks to Medicaid’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP), you can stay home, stay happy, and stay healthy. As New York State’s favorite CDPAP provider, Horizon specializes in helping you and your chosen caregiver enroll in this FREE program, making it easier to navigate the ins and outs of personalized homecare.

As a Horizon client, you also enjoy the one-on-one service of a dedicated coordinator who manages the entire process and coordinates your care for as long as you need it. Finally, you can take control of your care while knowing your assistant is fairly paid for looking after you in the home you love.

Horizon changes lives every day

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Whether you’re looking for home care or just want to learn more about CDPAP, browse our FAQ for clarity and guidance

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