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With decades of experience in the home care services industry, the founders of Horizon are dedicated to helping Upstate New York families get the home care they need to live better lives in the comfort of their homes.
Whether you're ill or disabled, Horizon’s mission is to make easy for Upstate New Yorkers on Medicaid to get the help they need, at no cost, so you can continue living independently at home.

As a local Upstate New York company,
we are dedicated to highly personalized services:

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Fast payments
to caregivers

At Horizon Home Care Services, our knowledgeable team members truly care about you.

Only the best
for our clients.

When you work with Horizon, you can
expect to be treated with dignity.
Our team takes the time to explain each step of the process. Consider us your local, home-town team who is here to assist you every step of the way.
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Happy senior client with neighbor caregiver paid by Medicaid CDPAP program in NY
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Here’s how we
can help.

Once a patient gains approval, Horizon helps onboard the caregiver of their choice and process the payroll, ensuring that they get paid accurately and on time.


My Nana is a beautiful 82, but we’ve had a couple of scares recently. Through CDPAP, I’m now able to be her caregiver—which I love.


My Horizon rep took the lead and followed up with me as if it were her loved one in need of a personal assistant.
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When you work with Horizon, you can
expect to be treated with dignity.