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Enjoy newfound quality of life that comes only from receiving the love and care you deserve.

Home belongs to family

At Horizon we know everyone deserves familiar, loving care. Through CDPAP, we empower you to stay home and reclaim your life by choosing the who, when and how of your personal care.

Core values

Your care, your way


Choose your own assistant and decide what tasks are done and when—exactly the way you want.


Relax in the familiarity of your own home with care from a loved one, friend, or trusted neighbor.


Create your own plan of care and train your personal assistant to do the tasks the way you prefer to have them done.

Serving you—and all of New York State

No matter where you live in the state, we’re here to help you take advantage of this life-enhancing program. We specialize in underserved areas, and our expert staff guides you through the entire enrollment process with one-on-one attention. After you’re successfully enrolled, you’ll enjoy a dedicated service coordinator (and their direct phone number) for help with all your program needs.

As a CDPAS provider across all of NYS, Horizon established a reputation for providing excellent service to our consumers, especially in rural and under-served areas throughout the state.  Horizon places an emphasis on servicing all our members with our exceptional service, especially consumers with disabilities. Horizon Home Cares’ staff includes personnel representing our broad spectrum of diverse languages, cultures and customs to ensure the comfort of our consumers.  For as long as you need care, our standard-bearing customer service is always here with an open ear, standing by to answer your calls and improve your life every single day. Do not hesitate to ask for any help: Horizon is part of your care family.

1, 2, 3 freedom!

Control over your care is on the horizon:

Step 1

A Medicaid nurse visits your home to determine whether you are approved for home care. If you’re on a HMO you skip this visit by having a doctors order instead.  

Step 2

Once you are approved for home care, your MLTC nurse conducts a secondary visit to determine how many hours of coverage per week you can get under Medicaid.

Step 3

Horizon steps in to help you with every aspect of the CDPAP process—from enrolling your caregiver to paying them on time to offering ongoing support for as long as you require personal assistance.

Enrolling with Horizon is easy.

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Serving you and all of New York State