Caregiver Burnout

Anyone that knows the exhaustion of caregiver burnout knows that very necessary need to do more than cope. 

The great teacher, Ram Dass, once said that, “we can do more than simply struggle to stay afloat; we can discover a more reliable source of continuous buoyancy. We can do more than cope.”

Anyone that knows the exhaustion of caregiver burnout knows that very necessary need to do more than cope. Before modern times, we would take care of one another in our villages – brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, first, second, even third cousins, all resided together and each person was the responsibility of the whole. Nowadays, with families spread across the continents, our demanding work lives, and the never ending competition for our attention, caring for the ones we love can often be too demanding.

So how do we avoid this caregiver burnout? How do we avoid the pitfalls of such well-intentioned love?

All the news articles and advice journals tell us to practice self care. Of course, we must, but how can we care for ourselves when our loved ones are suffering? How do we break the cycle of selfless giving culminating in a week long flu, or udder exhaustion and self neglect?

We take a look backwards. What were we once doing that seemed to make home care so easy; that made taking care of each other make sense? We were working as a team; we were asking for and giving help. After all, humans are social creatures. We’ve banded together into families, into communities, and even nations, so that we might protect one another and help the whole survive. In an individualist culture, we need to remind ourselves of the importance of getting help from others when we need it. It is only in this way that we, and our loved ones, can live our best lives.

We also know the other side of caregiver burnout, and what Ram Dass struggled greatly with in his crippled old age: the pain of learning to take another’s care. So many of us go and see therapists because we can’t imagine burdening our friends with our problems. So many of us would rather suffer in silence than reach out for a shoulder to lean on because we don’t want to inconvenience others. One of the most difficult parts of giving is knowing when to take, and no matter our struggle, very few of us are willing to share it.

That’s where CDPAP comes in. Home care services, like Horizon Home Care Services, are about helping us do more than just cope. It takes a village, and whether its senior home care or a caregiver for a struggling family member, we eat together, we clean together, we travel together, we live together.

CDPAP is about helping each other, without worrying about the burden. A home health aide that skirts the fine line of caregiving and burnout, and gives back your agency so that you get to choose who helps you and in what capacity, and you don’t have to feel bad because it’s all paid for!

We’re rebuilding our villages, and we’re doing so within our dignities. Take the load off your loved ones back, stop just surviving, and learn to live again, with a little help from our friends.

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