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CDPAP stands for “Consumer Directed Personal Assistant Program”. Funded by Medicaid, the program enables people who need assistance with daily living to choose someone they know and trust to be their caregiver. Caregivers are paid by Horizon.

Do you have or qualify for Medicaid? Are you enrolled in some form of Medicaid MLTC? Do you require home care? Are you able to direct or manage your care? You are eligible for CDPAP!

Anyone you want, except your spouse and parents for their child who’s under 21 years of age, can enroll and become your paid personal assistant. You can choose an adult child, a trusted friend, a loyal neighbor, or even an aide you already know.* If you don’t have someone you feel comfortable with, reach out to your neighbors and friends for a list of aides who may be working with someone you know.

*Designated representatives cannot be personal assistants.

Yes. Your Managed Long Term Care plan will determine how many hours a week you’re eligible for. You may have more than one personal assistant to work at different times of the day or week.

Nothing! But you must have Medicaid and be enrolled in a managed care plan to participate in CDPAP.

Enrolling is easy with Horizon. Contact us today and get a dedicated service coordinator who will work with you throughout the entire process, answer your questions, and provide friendly, one-on-one service.

We assist you in several ways: helping you and your chosen caregiver enroll; managing employment details for your personal assistant; paying them weekly; and serving as a go-between you and MLTC. Medicaid requires a Fiscal Intermediary (FI) like Horizon to process the funds used to pay your personal assistant.

No! We do not charge our clients or their personal assistants for any of the help or services we provide.

If a consumer who needs your assistance is looking to hire you and wants to make sure you get paid, have them call Horizon today at 518-203-3271. We will work with them to get all the care details and paperwork sorted out. And don’t worry: You don’t need any previous experience with home care. The patient you work with will train you.

Horizon’s CDPAP payment rate ranges from $11.80 an hour up to $15 an hour. Overtime from $17.70 an hour up to $22.50 an hour.

Enrolling with Horizon is easy.

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